The analysis, “The needs of the NEETs and the needs of the professionals”, was elaborated as one of the intellectual outputs of the European Erasmus KA2 project “Youth in transition” (YIT), October 2018 – March 2021.

By identifying models, methods and new practice, YIT has contributed to scaffolding the most vulnerable sub-group of the NEETs on their pathways. These ´young people on the edge´ are characterized by a complexity of personal and social problems, caused by psychological or physical diagnoses, socially disadvantaged backgrounds, social dysfunctionalities such as drugs and crime or other obstacles in life.

YIT focused on the cross-professional support before and during the individual pathways of the NEETs, aligning their dreams with vocational maturity, for self-support via job or education as the final goal.

The analysis was coordinated and authored by vocational consultant Regina Lamscheck-Nielsen, Moeve, Denmark, a partnering organization in YIT. The Danish-German author cooperated closely with experts from the YIT partner organizations in Denmark, Slovenia and Iceland in an interactive and agile process. The process and output were quality assured by researchers from the University of Hamburg.

The analysis includes findings from empirical data and desk research, collected from January to March 2019, containing descriptive and analytical literature, as well as freely accessible reports and legislation. In addition, insights from practice-based work with NEETs in the framework of YIT and from related projects in Denmark (2019-2020) have been taken into consideration.