The interactive model is meant to support project managers in the (vocational) education sector in their attempts to implement good project results in a sustainable way.

Access and score yourself!

Individual profile

Individual profile

Assisted by the model, the project manager is able to:

  • elaborate an implementation plan
  • check implementation progress continuously during the project
  • have a dialogue on implementation with the local project managers in a consortium

Score yourself in the beginning of the project, then 1-2 times during the project, and finally at the end of the project. The scores can indicate how far you are in the implementation process, and thus let you conclude for the final report.

The scores are confidential and are neither archived on your own computer nor in the system behind this website.

Model ´Scor´ dig selv´ på dansk, se her.

Video forklaring på dansk v/ Regina Lamscheck-Nielsen (3 min.).