´See the goal´ works on video production of in-company learning outcomes. In Denmark, Finland, Slovenia and Portugal, training companies have opened their practice for recording training of apprentices:


  • The first videos were recorded in 2 Danish nursing houses in the municipalities of Lejre and Stevns. 3 of these videos are already published with English subtitles.
  • In Slovenia, several industrial training companies offered their locations as a set-up for the filming. These videos will be available in September 2017.
  • In Portugal, students were trained during one-day workshops in video recording their learning outcomes. For this purpose, the Portuguese partner had elaborated a storyboard “How to produce a learning video”. The first results are amazing.
  • The Finnish filming will take place in a grocery store.

The partners have undertaken transnational co-edition of videos and exchange regularly in virtual fora on ideas and further development.

The first trial runs in training practice will start in August. The training companies´, VET colleges´ and students´ use of the videos will be documentated and evaluated systematically.