Lecture at Eye on TAMK 2021

“Eye on TAMK 2021 Online Week”, 22-26 March, is a scientific, pedagogical, and intercultural event. The event is organized in Finland by TAMK International Services and International Coordinators.

The programme includes lectures, workshops, seminars, and interactive sessions under the following tracks: Business, Engineering, Languages and Communication, Health Care and Social Services, Media, Music and Arts, RDI, Teacher Education, TREE – Continuous Education, and Quality Goes Online in University Services.

Vocational consultant Regina Lamscheck-Nielsen, Moeve, will give a lecture with expertise and exchange on vocational maturity. The expertise and experiences within this topic were achieved during the European project Youth in transition, when creating an interactive tool for self-evaluation in dialogue (2020). The tool was piloted broadly in trial runs in Denmark, Slovenia and Iceland, 2019-2020.