Projects and programs

Here comes a selection from Moeve´s activities. For references, check here.

  • Program management of “Unge med kant” for the promotion of NEETs (young people, neither employed nor under education) and their pathways to vocational maturity. A large-scale initiave from EUK/KL, the unit for Youth Guidance in Local Government Denmark (KL) – the association and interest organisation of the 98 Danish municipalities. Independent but mutually interacting projects with in total 12 municipalities, 5 vocational colleges, 2 VET-preperatory educational institutions and a wide range of collaborating partners, 2018 – 2022,
  • Vocational and methodological expertise in Youth in transition, a European KA2 project, 7 organisations from 4 countries on improving the professionals´ work with NEETs (young people, neither employed nor under education), 2018 – 2021
  • Project management of R O B O læring, a regional project in Southern Funen to develop didactic and teaching examples, when teaching with robotics at highschool level as well as in transition from upper primary level, 2018 – 2020,
  • Project facilitation and vocational expertise in SEE THE GOAL, a European KA2 project with 4 countries on the design and application of in-company learning outcomes to practice, supported by the use of video technology, 2016-2018 –
  • Project facilitation of crossingIT, a regional project to promote the implementation of programming in teaching. Taking place in and across 7 cities in Southern Denmark, locally connecting partners from vocational gymnasium level, primary schools and ICT companies, 2016-2019 –
  • Expertise on country study Denmark and consultancy on methodology to ´Development of national vocational qualification and training standards – A European comparison of stakeholders, processes and design´, BIBB, Germany, 2015-17
  • Country coordinator Denmark for Nordic project on quality in work-placed learning, The Nordic Council of Ministers, 2013-2015 –
  • Facilitation of EU-project ´MAPPING´ on methods for individualized learning in VET, 2013-2015 –
  • Coordinator for elaboration of guidelines, regarding the regulations for general subjects in VET, Danish Ministry of Education, 2014-15
  • Program coordinator and facilitator of 12 projects for improving transitions to VET, UUDANMARK, 2013-2014, www.ungepaatvæ
  • Program coordinator and facilitator of 12 projects for improving literacy in VET, Ministry of Education, 2013-2014,
  • Project consultant <​XX it>, girls into technical educations and it-business, Ligestillingsministeriet, 2012-2014, Analyses, learning units and publications
  • Several projects with young lyric poets on experimental writing at schools and in youth institutions, 2011-2013. Several anthologies published
  • Program coordinator and facilitator for ´Kvalitet i skolepraktikken´  (quality of school-based practical training),, 34 projects under Ministry of Education, 2011-2013

Previous projects (in Danish)

Expertise on demand

Apart from project management, Moeve serves with expert tasks on demand:

  • DSC_8640Surveys, evaluations, analyses, reports
  • Presentations / keynotes: In Denmark and abroad, personally as well as virtually
  • Tailormade workshops and seminars, design and conduction of conferences
  • Assistance regarding dissemination of professional content, such as data collection and edition of texts, processing to film, graphic solutions of complex models
  • Assessment of applications and project reports
  • Administrative assistance

Examples and references for expert tasks only via personal dialogue.