The symposium “Crossing Boundaries in Vocational Education and Training: Social Dimensions and Participation” is held by University of Rostock and University of Bremen, 16-18 August 2017, Rostock.

Regina Lamscheck-Nielsen, Moeve, will present 2 papers:

  • “Learning outcomes for in-company training: Formulation and Practice”
  • ”Innovation projects and programmes in VET”

The papers will contribute with aspects to the symposium´s theme ´Institution and agency´: VET systems are defined by the interactions of their involved institutions, stakeholders and participating individuals.
This does not not only mean professionalization, it also can indicate the system´s boundaries and interfaces. The inter-institutional spaces of open or closed discourses depend to the regional and national culture and the political mission statements of the collaborating partners.

The papers relate to questions such as:

  • Which rules have been established?
  • How do educational institutions and labour institutions communicate and interact?
  • Which cooperations and transitions are possible or would be needed to increase participation?