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Augmented Reality in Business Education

10th Nov. 2021, Creative Learning Environments, Professional Conference, Slovenia: Vocational teacher, Janne Fløjstrup, Business College Vestfyn, and project manager Regina Lamscheck-Nielsen, Moeve, will present findings about the application of Augmented Reality for the support of learning processes in VET.

BBFK 2021: Vocational Maturity

9th July 2021: Moeve will contribute at BBFK 2021 to the paper session ´Kompetenzentwicklung, Motivation und Werte bei Auszubildenden´. Regina Lamscheck-Nielsen will present methods and findings from the cross-professional work with NEETs, supporting them on their pathways towards Vocational Maturity.

ROBOdidactics at BBFK 2021 (Austria)

8th July 2021: Moeve will contribute at BBFK 2021 to the paper session ´Digitale Kompetenzen und digitales Lernen´. Regina Lamscheck-Nielsen will present findings from applying robot technologies to teaching and learning processes. The work has resultet in the tech-didactic model “ROBOdidactics”.

ARducation event at IWDK 2021

7th May: Moeve facilitates the online event “ARDUCATION – BUSINESS EDUCATION WITH AUGMENTED REALITY” at Internetweek Denmark 2021.
The experts will present innovative AR-technology as well as new AR-teaching practice in vocational education.

Leg & læring med RoboDidaktik

5. maj 2021: Projektet ROBOlæring bidrager til Teknologipagtens temaserie ’Inspirerende STEM-undervisning for alle’. Sammen med underviser Mads Lundager fra Rantzausmindeskolen, vil projektleder Regina Lamscheck-Nielsen illustrere hvordan robotter indgår i “Legende og lærerig STEM-undervisning”.

Lecture about vocational maturity

March 2021: Vocational consultant Regina Lamscheck-Nielsen, Moeve, contributes to TAMK’s international week 2021 – a multidisciplinary international week.
Regina will give a lecture with expertise and exchange on vocational maturity.

Brochure: Youth in transition

Jan. 2021: A new brochure presents the outputs from the European project “Youth in transition”.
The outputs form a coherent concept, containing findings from empirical data and desk research, as well as models, methods and tools emerging out of practice-based work with NEETs and professionals in Denmark, Iceland and Slovenia.

ROBOdidaktik i Playstore og Appstore

Jan. 2021: Den teknologi-didaktiske model er også udgivet som app, illustreret med Augmented Reality elementer, konkretiseret med videoberetninger og undervisningsforløb, forsynet med en vejledning og referencer m.m.
Videreudviklingen fortsætter i 2021 – det glæder vi os til!

Vocational Maturity: now also in English

Jan. 2021: The tool for self-evaluation of vocartional maturity has been testet and implemented in Denmark, Iceland and Slovenia. The process and the products have been quality assured by researchers from The University of Hamburg.
A generic version in English has recently been published.

Analysis: NEETs and professionals

Dec. 2020: The analysis, “The needs of the NEETs and the needs of the professionals”, was elaborated as one of the intellectual outputs of the European Erasmus KA2 project “Youth in transition” (YIT), October 2018 – March 2021. By identifying models, methods and new practice, YIT has contributed to scaffolding the most vulnerable sub-group of the NEETs on their pathways.

Youth in transition towards vocational maturity

Dec. 2020: International guests are invited to join the English track at the web-conference “Youth in transition”, 20th Jan. 2021.
Findings from an analysis about NEETs and professionals are outlined in a presentation, and the guests can relate to vocational maturity in an interactive workshop.

Presenting ROBOdidatic

11th Nov. 2020: Regina Lamscheck-Nielsen, Moeve, presents her paper “ROBOdidactic – the journey and perspectives of a tech-didactic model” at the international conference “Creative Learning Environment”, Slovenia.
Teachers from the Vocational High School Svendborg contribute with innovative cases from their teaching practice.